Help us reach more people with the Gospel and impact southern Mexico for the glory of God.


The congregation of Camino de la Cruz continues to grow and space in our rented facility is running out. The Manantial School has maxed out at just over 200 hundred students, and there are over 200 more on the waiting list. This property will allow us to significantly expand these local efforts and also serve as a hub for impacting the entire region.

Join us in bringing gospel-transformation to hearts and lives, resulting in flourishing communities and much praise and glory to our great God.

Expand the reach of our current ministries by purchasing five and half acres in a strategic location for regional impact.

Property cost

Funds committed

$650K USD*

Make an eternal impact and maximize your investment in the Kingdom of God.

We want our hearts to be aligned with God’s global mission and to maximize the use of His resources to that end. Rather than wasting money by multiple ministries paying rent for their own facilities while also limiting their room for growth, this property and future facility will be maximized to its full potential every day of the week. Learn more about our unique ministries below and our dream of what God could do through your partnership with us.


K-12 School

Manantial School in Puerto Escondido, Oaxaca was founded in 2013. God has used this ministry to impact the lives of hundreds of families with the Gospel. With over 200 students (and a growing waiting list), the school’s current rented facilities are maxed out. The purchase of this property will allow us to multiply the number of students we are serving over the coming years.

Church Planting

Camino de la Cruz was planted in Puerto Escondido in 2017. God continues to grow and establish this fellowship and the number of families and young people being reached and discipled is quickly increasing. While the foundation for future plants is already being laid, we also recognize the need for more space to facilitate the growth. A future auditorium constructed on the desired property will be used for Sunday worship gatherings, school chapel services during the week, and community events and outreaches.

Leadership Institute

In 2020, the Christian Leadership Institute began as an extension of the Camino de la Cruz Fellowship with the purpose of equipping men to lead faithfully and courageously in their homes, the church, the workplace, and society at large. This property and future facility will serve as a hub for training future missionaries and church planters to be sent into all of Mexico––including to unreached people groups in Oaxaca State and in nearby Chiapas.

Vision for a God-centered University

As anti-Christian philosophies work their way further into the universities of Mexico, the founding of an uncompromisingly Christian institution of higher learning is both strategic and urgent. Our vision is to provide something that is scarce anywhere in Mexico: a biblically-integrated and academically robust liberal arts education that prepares graduates to serve the Lord Jesus Christ in all aspects of life leading to cultural renewal through the Gospel (there are only a couple of universities like this in the entire nation). Your prayers and your financial partnership will help bring this vision into reality. Our goal is to launch by 2025.

Why start a Christian University?

1. That the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ would be glorified in all things (to glorify God) 

2. The mission of the Church is to make disciples and formal education is an aspect of discipleship, therefore the Church should encourage the founding of institutions that will faithfully form students in a Christ-centered worldview (to fulfill the great commission).

3. Secular universities are decaying and Christian educators can recover the good of what has been lost and create culture-shaping institutions for the sake of human flourishing (to obey the great commandment).

4. Historically, formal education by Christians has been one of the most effective instruments of evangelization and the forming of God-honoring societies (to evangelize the nations).

The Urgency

Puerto Escondido is growing rapidly. In fact, the population is expected to double in the next 5-10 years. A new highway significantly increasing our accessibility to Mexico City and other major cities is nearly complete, causing real estate prices to skyrocket. This means that opportunities for gospel impact are increasing… it also means that there are very few parcels left that would be central enough and large enough for the school and church facilities. In the midst of this situation, in God's amazing providence, we found a property that was just the right size and in an ideal location for our ministries.

We were given the unique opportunity to lock in a price back in August 2021 and we now need to pay off the land by June 2023. Most certainly, God is sovereign over all these details but we also know that He calls us to act in faith and make the most of every opportunity. We believe that He has called us here for such a time as this, and we wanted to be faithful to seize the moment.

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"Go therefore and disciple all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I commanded you; and lo, I am with you always, even to the end of the age.”
Matthew 28:19-20

Our Mission

Jesus Christ is Lord over every nation on earth––and that includes Mexico. We aim to reach and disciple Southern Mexico through planting Christian fellowships, training leaders, and cultivating communities of Christ-centered education.

We seek to do all of this through joyful dependence upon God for the sake of His glory among the nations.

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* The amount mentioned in the fundraising meter is a dollar estimate of the cost of the property based on recent exchange rates between the USD and the Mexican Peso. Our contract is in Pesos and lists the cost of the property at 13,000,000 Mexican Pesos. As the USD has decreased in value, we have made some adjustments to the meter on this site to more accurately represent the amount we still owe on the land.

Also, on our GiveSendGod campaign, we have included an additional $75,000 USD to fund the construction of our first structure on the property (an open-air covered basketball court) that will be used for Sunday Church gatherings and school activities during the week. You may give via GiveSendGo here: but for larger donations the options given on the site you are currently on may be preferable.